Michael Monroe is an abstract artist who focuses on seascapes and pure abstract work.

He was born with creative genetics in rural Arkansas, and his mother was an avid artist. He is known for his bold use of color and free-spirited style of abstract art, which launched his career across the United States. Michael’s art has been represented with high distinction in galleries in cities such as Aspen, Boston, Carmel, Houston, Santa Fe, Sedona, Nashville, and Naples.
In 2009, Michael’s art was commissioned by the well-known Baldwin Piano Corporation to hand-paint a series of grand pianos, known as Baldwin’s high-end and luxurious “Artist Series”. As an accomplished piano player himself, these painted pianos not only bring art to the ears, but also to the eyes in an exquisite artistic fusion of music and paint.
Three of his paintings were used in the major motion picture, “Nothing But The Truth” starring Kate Beckinsale, David Schwimmer, Matt Dillon and Alan Alda.

Another great accomplishment in Michael’s art career was being invited aboard the Oceania Cruise as the “Artist in Residence”. Michael toured throughout the Caribbean for 20 days, and then again through Europe for another 44 days. While on board, Michael gave painting lessons and ran the gallery where his paintings were sold.

Michael can often be seen painting outside in front of his Art gallery in Naples, located at 1673 Pine Ridge Rd. And he is known for being the “Painter on Pine Ridge” He recently opened a beautiful second Art Gallery location at 2044 J & C blvd in the Naples Art District.
Through his use of vibrant colors and elaborate texture, he creates artwork that is full of expression. According to the artist, his paintings are “an example of unrestricted freedom and spirit”. One of his favorite quotes is, “My art speaks joy and I am a very happy man.”